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Tour Des Iles 2021 – Valdy, Peach & Quiet, Enigmatics

Salt Spring Island’s Valdy, Pender Island’s Peach & Quiet, Saturna Island’s Enigmatics

Salt Spring Island Valdy “You Live With The Sun On An Island” and “An Islander” written by Valdy Horsdal. Guitar & Vocals: Valdy. You can find Valdy on Facebook at the Valdy Fan Page… and reach Valdy at

Pender Island Peach & Quiet Jonny Miller & Heather Read. Guitar & Vocals: Jonny Miller Guitar & Vocals: Heather Read “Oklahoma or Arkansas” & “These Quiet Days” by Peach & Quiet……
Videographer: Kenta Kikuchi

Saturna Island Enigmatics David Osborne & Denise Kuzyk. Guitar & vocals: David Osborne Bass: Denise Kuzyk
”Magical East Point Saturna Isle” written by David Osborne

Edited & animated by Jenny Breukelman
Tour Des Iles title illustration by Annette Shaw
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