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Tour Des Iles 2021 – El Jose, Douglas Thistle-Walker, Marta McKeever, Toots with Christian Nally

Salt Spring Island’s El Jose, Galiano Island’s Douglas Thistle-Walker, Salt Spring Island’s Marta McKeever,
Galiano Island’s Toots with Christian Nally

Salt Spring Island’s El Jose Vocals & guitar: El Jose “Cantándole A Lola” written by El Jose Videographer: BIllie Woods, Boat Beats Series

Galiano Island’s Douglas Thistle-Walker Guitar and Vocals: Douglas Thistle-Walker “This Morning” & “Losing” by Douglas Thistle-Walker

Salt Spring Island’s Marta McKeever Guitar and Vocals: Marta McKeever “Call Me I’ll Come Get You” & “Captain” by Marta McKeever

Galiano Island’s Toots, with Christian Nally Guitar, harmonica & vocals: Toots Guitar: Christian Nally ”Salt On The Rocks” & “Salish Sea” written by Toots………

Edited & animated by Jenny Breukelman
Tour Des Iles title illustration by Annette Shaw
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