Tour Des Iles 2023 Festival Boat Schedules

These schedules are in addition to the Aqualink water taxi schedules that are available all season

These can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Please note all bookings for both Tour Des Iles Festival & Aqualinks regular routes are booked on the Aqualink Website. 

Aqualink Schedules

These schedules are available for booking May – October 2023 

Please visit the Aqualink website to book both Tour Des Iles Boats & Aqualink Boats


Have Questions?

Please feel free to email us at

Tour Des Iles has shuttle services arranged on each island, and encourages you to use this service. If you have questions about land transportation please feel free to contact us, or speak with your dock greeters when you arrive.  If you are bringing a bike please indicate this when you are booking, so we can ensure there are enough spaces for bikes on each vessel as they each have a different bike limit. 

In addition, BC Ferries also provides service between the islands.  In this way, you have the opportunity to combine travel on Tour des Iles and BC Ferries boats.  Please note that BC Ferries may change their schedules at any time, so we advise confirming ferry schedules on the BC Ferries website