About Us

The Salish Sea Inter-Island Transportation Society

The Salish Sea Inter-Island Transportation Society was formed to:

1. To develop, operate, manage and integrate programs, activities and services that reflect the diversity of local cultural, environmental and artistic expressions through movement and passage between and among all the Southern Gulf islands.

2. To foster, empower and increase education and economic development for the preservation and promotion of Arts, Inter-island Transportation, Culture, Values, History, Heritage and way of life within the Southern Gulf Islands (Salish Sea Area) 

3. To engage the community through education, events, services, transportation and support in its use of and promotion of local talent, environmental conveyances and values for the benefit of all Southern Gulf Islands.

4. To raise or assist in raising necessary capital and operating funds for the SSITS DBA Tour des Isles.

We want to thank the hard working Board of Directors and volunteers that are involved in planning and running the Tour des Iles.  This would not be possible without their enthusiasm and dedication.

View our 2017 Summary Report