Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy


1. Please note that all of these trips are one way.  For example, to get to Galiano Island from Salt Spring, and then back again, you will need to book a Salt Spring -> Galiano trip, and a Galiano -> Salt Spring trip.


2. If there is an error in a reservation which you have just made, we understand. We will refund your money


Immediately email us at: sales@tourdesiles.ca with the reservation information and when you made it. Pay Pal has an administrative fee of approx. 15 cents per reservation. We cannot refund that part of the reservation. We sincerely apologize for this.  


3. If there is an error in a reservation which you have just made and you want to make an immediate change to the reservation, we can do that for you, subject to availability.


Immediately email us at: sales@tourdesiles.ca  We need to know the original time and route with the names of the passengers.  We also need to know the route and time which you desire.  A change will only be made if there is open space on the route at the times requested.


4. If there is no error in the reservation and you have just changed your mind, we can not consider a refund requested after June 10, 2023.



5. We will refund the full purchase price of any reservation if the vessel for whatever reason is unable to sail. Please note our lack of control over the Pay Pal administrative charge. (See #1)   For delays due to weather of less than one hour are unavoidable.  For these there will be no refund.


6. In the case that a cancellation is for health and/or family issues beyond your control, we will refund the ticket price – please give us as early notice as possible, so that we can free up the seat for a different passenger. An email must be sent to: sales@tourdesiles.ca  Of course, like all non-profit societies, we gratefully accept donations including cancelled reservations without a refund. But do advise us, so we can give your seat to another person. 



We love dogs.  Please ensure your dogs are leashed, under control and well behaved. Dogs may not occupy a passenger seat.  Please use judgement if you have a large dog as it must remain calm at your feet.



We also love cyclists but some boats can’t accommodate any or many. Check your route below. Bicycle space may be reserved when you purchase your reservation.




Bike space availability

Between Pender (Port Browning and Mayne (Horton Bay)Maximum of 4
Between Saturna (Lyall Harbour) and Pender (Port Browning)Maximum of 6
Between Mayne (Horton Bay) and Saturna (Lyall Harbour)Maximum of 4
Between Galiano (Sturdies Bay) and Mayne (Miners Bay)Maximum of 2
Between Salt Spring (Ganges) and Pender (Port Washington)Maximum of 6
Between Salt Spring (Ganges) and Galiano (Montague) No space